A spreadsheet of all known manuscripts and fragments of the poem is available in Googledocs. Printed books are not included in this list.

These manuscripts are listed in alphabetical order by country. A more precise location, usually the city, and then the institution and the shelfmark are also given. The fourth column, “Olim,” provides any previous names or shelfmarks for the manuscript. In the final two columns, “De la Rose” and “Langlois,” the letters Y and N indicate whether the manuscript can be found in either Catherine Bel and Herman Braet’s De la Rose: texte, image, fortune (2006) or in Ernest Langlois’s Les Manuscrits du Roman de la Rose, description et classement (1910).

This spreadsheet is a work in progress and will be subject to change. If you have information about a manuscript or fragment not listed here or noted as “unknown,” or would like to suggest any corrections, contact Prof. Timothy Stinson at tlstinson@gmail.com.