Below is a list of the names of many characters in the poem. In the first column, modern French spellings of the names are given; these are the names we have used to tag the characters in the transcriptions and images. The next column has some orthographic variations from the Middle French. In the final column, English versions of names are provided. All of these names are searchable.

You can use the manuscript viewer to search for character names in transcriptions and image descriptions.

Name French English
Adonis Adonys Adonis
Amis Ami, Amys Friend
Amors Amour, Amor, Amours God of Love, Love
Appius Claudius Appius, Apius, Claudius Appius Claudius
Art Ars Art
Atropos Atroppos Atropos
Avarice Avarice
Baraz Barat, Tromperie Fraud
Bel Acueil Bel Accueil, Bel Acuel, Bel Acueill, Bel Acuell, Belacueil, Bialacoil, Bel Aqueil Fair Welcoming, Responsiveness
Biautez Beauté, Biauté, Beaulte, Beautes Beauty
Bien Celer Skillful Concealment
Charles I of Naples Charles conte d’Anjou et de Prouvance, Karles Charles of Anjou
Chastete Chasteez, Chiascece, Chastee Chastity
Cheance Chance
Compaignie Compagnie, Compagniee Company
Contreinte Atenance Attenance, Contrainte Abstinence, Abstinence Contrainte Abstinence
Contreinte Atenance Attenance, Contrainte Abstinence, Abstinence Contrainte Forced Abstinence, Constrained Abstinence
Cortoisie Courtoysie, Courtoisye Courtesy
Coupe Gorge Cut-Throat
Covoitise Convoitise, Couvoitise, Conveitise Covetousness, Greed
Croesus Cressus, Cresus Croesus of Lydia
Cupido Cupid
Dame Habonde Lady Abundance
Dangier Dangiers, Dengier Resistance, Rebuff, Refusal, Danger
Deduiz Deduit, Deduitz, Deduys, Deduyt, Deduyz Pleasure, Diversion, Delight
Delilah Dalila, Dallida, Dalida Delilah
Deliz Delit, Delitz, Delez, Deles Delight
Demophon Démophon Demophon
Desesperance Hopelessness, Despair
Deucalion Dancalion Deucalion
Dex Dieu, Diex God
Dido Dido
Diogenes Dyogenes, Dyogenés Diogenes
Douz Palers Douz Parlers, Doux Parler, Doux Parlers, Doulx Parler Sweet Talk
Douz Pensers Doulx Penser, Doulx Pencer Sweet Thought
Douz Regart Doulz Regart, Dous Regart, Doux Regart, Doulx Regard Sweet Looks
Empedocles Empedocles
Envie Ennvis, Ennvy, Envye Envy
Esperance Espérance Hope
Fain Faim Hunger
Fausemblant Faux Semblant, Faus Semblant, Faus Samblant, Faulx Semblant False Seeming, Fraud
Felonie Felonnie Violence, Cruelty
Fole Largece Fol Largece Foolish Generosity
Fortune Fortune
Franchise Franchisse Openness, Generosity of Spirit
Galatea Galatea Galatea
Gauvain Gauvains Gawain
Gentillece Gentillesse Nobility
Genyus Genius Genius
Guillaume de Lorris Guillaume de Lorriz, Guillaumes Guillaume de Lorris
Haine Hayne, Haïne Hate
Hardement Hardemens, Hardemenz, Eardemant Boldness
Hercules Herculés, Ercules Hercules
Honneur Honor
Honte Shame, Modesty
Humilitez Humilite Humility
Hypocrisy Ypocrisie Hypocracy
Jalous Ialoux Jealous Husband
Jalousie Ialousie Jealousy
Jason Jason de Medee, Iason Jason
Jean de Meun Jean Clopinel, Jehan Clopinel, Iehan Clopinel Jean de Meun
Joinece Jeunesse, Ieunesse, Jeunece, Ieunece, Ionece Youth
Joliete Iolietez Gaiety
Joutice Justice, Iustice Justice
Juno Iuno Juno
Jupiter Iupiter Jupiter
L’Amans Amans, Amant Lover, Dreamer
Laide Ugliness
Largesce Largesse, Largeice Largece Generosity, Largesse
Larrecin Larceny
Lecherie Lecherye Lechery
Ledeur Laideur Ugliness
Leesce Leece, Liesse Joy
Lucretia Lucresse, Lucrece Lucretia
Mal Aventure Misfortune
Male Bouche Foul Mouth, Scandal
Manfred Mainfroy, Menfroy Manfred
Mars Mars
Maufez Maufé Misdeeds
Mort Mors Death
Narcisus Narcisse Narcissus
Nature Nature
Nero Neron, Noiron, Noyron, Nayron Nero
Noblece de Cuer Noblesse de Cueur Nobility of heart
Nouveau Penser New Thought
Oiseuse Dame Oiseuse, Oyseuse Idleness, Ease, Leisure
Orguel Orgueil Pride
Origen Origines, Origenes Origen
Papelardie Papelardye, Ypocrisie Pope-Holiness, Religious Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy
Peccune Pecune Riches
Peches Sin
Peor Poor, Peur, Paour, Baour Fear, Timidity
Phanie Phanye, Phaine Phania
Phyllis Phillis Phyllis
Pitie Pitiez, Pitié Pity
Povrete Povretez, Povreté Poverty
Pygmalion Pymalion, Pimalion, Pimalyon Pigmalion
Pyrrha Pirra Pyrrha
Reson Raison Reason
Richece Richesse Wealth
Samson Sanson Samson
Saturn Saturnus, Saturne Saturn
Scipio Scypion, Scipion Scipio
Seneca Seneque, Sénèque, Senecque Seneca
Seurtez Seurte, Sûreté, Seürté Security
Simplesce Simplece, Simpleice, Simplesse Simplicity
Socrates Socratés Socrates
Themis Themys, Themis Themis
Travail Travaill, Travaille Work
Tritesce Tristesse, Tristesce Sorrow, Misery
Venus Vénus Venus
Vieille Vielle Old Woman
Vielleice Viellesse, Viellece Old Age, Senility
Vilanie Vilanie, Vilenie, Villennie Villainy, Abuse, Baseness
Virginia Virgine, Virginie, Virgeyne Virginia
Vulcan Vulcanus, Vulcain Vulcan
Zeusis Zeusys, Zensis Zeusis